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Bonding Over Popcorn & Gilmore Girls


A couple weeks ago my granddaughter – a beautiful ten year old – stayed at my place for a couple days. In the midst of our conversation one evening about shows she loves to watch, she mentioned “Gilmore Girls” as being one of her favorites.

popcorn-gilmore-girlsI was surprised. I used to watch that show religiously from beginning to end. So I was happy to find yet one more thing my granddaughter and I had in common.

“Can we watch it?” she asked. I said “I don’t think we will find the reruns on TV anywhere. It’s been gone for too long!”

“Not the old one, Grandma. I meant the new Gilmore girls!” she giggled. “New one?” I asked.

Long story short, I wasn’t aware of the fact that they are restarting the show this year. I was thrilled.

Needless to say I dug up my old Lekue popcorn machine, popped a couple bowls of corn, seasoned it with butter, salt, and a pinch of pepper (soooo goood!) and sat down with my granddaughter to watch (rewatch for her) a few episodes of Gilmore Girls via “Instant Watch”.

Sure it costs me a few cents, but the new found bond with my granddaughter was worth every penny of it. In fact, we agreed to get together once per week to watch the new Gilmore Girls when it comes out later this year 🙂

I’m excited!

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